alexei zotovich

urban contemporary


Hi, my name is Alexey!

I am a professional dancer and choreographer. I've been dancing since 2012, and I've been teaching since 2015. Dancing takes up most of my life now.

The first style for me was Hip-Hop.  But I also developed in such directions as Contemporary dance, locking, house and commercial choreography.  In 2020, I graduated from the Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Choreography.  I am a certified professional and I am a two-time Ukrainian Hip-Hop champion (in 2015 and 2016).

During my dance career, I have worked on many projects.  i have worked in Ukraine, Germany, Italy and Macedonia.  I havo also worked with Monatik.

In dancing, I value freedom of movement and thought.  It is important for me that dance is an art.  In dancers, I value awareness and creativity.  I think dancing helps people find themselves.

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