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Alexander "Wave" Makarov

hiphop freestyle

hi Friends! My name is Alexander aka Wave!

I invite everyone who is interested in dance, both young and adults, to my dance trainings. There are no age restrictions in my groups, we all practice together. The main dance styles I teach are Hip Hop and Popping.


My goal is to give the dancer wings, to build a foundation on which to develop according to his or her own wishes. The main topics that every dancer encounters in my class are listening to music and knowing the rhythm, basic movements and how to use them. we do, choreography, improvisation (freestyle), physical education, and a bit of physics and philosophy.

There are a lot of individual exercises but also collaborations. Anyone who approaches the lesson attentively and conscientiously gets the answer to the question "How to dance and improvise to music, but at the same time not to worry, but to enjoy your dance?"

Alexander Makarov aka Wave started dancing in 2002 in a small town called Valga. He went to “JOY”  Dance Studio and was a member in B-BOYS SQUAD. When he moved to Tallinn, he started to give popping classes in PRODANCE. At the same time a crew called D-Lux was created. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 was D-Lux one of the best Hip-hop crews in the Baltics. In 2008 they opened their own Dance Studios “D-Lux”.

since September 2015 wave has been giving classes in Free Flow Studio.

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