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contemporary mudilased / contemporary lapsed

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Dancing has become a part of my daily life over the years, despite that I started relatively late - at the age of 19. However, my dancing is based on beauty and group gymnastics, which I practiced and competed intensively aged 4-17 years. My most homely and technically strong dance style is lyrical jazz, but over the years I have developed myself extensively in different classes and workshops both in Estonia and abroad. It has become important to me to master different dance styles. As a teacher, the content of my lesson depends a lot the background and age of the target group. It is important to me that the dance class offers fun, but is also challenging. In addition to creativity and emotional expressiveness It is also important to develop the technical base, which adds both aesthetics and also security for movement.

Toddler and children's lessons are varied, with a strong base so that it can continue to develop in the desired direction. the classes are built such a way that in addition to learning choreography, we do general physical preparation, technique, rhythm and space perception and group perception exercises. In the case of lessons for children and toddlers, safety is also especially important in my opinion and creating a comfortable environment where children feel free to express.

contemporary mudilased classes are for kids until 6 years and contemporary kids classes are for ages 7-10
years of life. Pre-registration is required for a group of toddlers at least 24 hours before training
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