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Monica Jõekeerd

first aid

My name is Monica and I have been associated with Free Flow Studio since 2013. I have been providing first aid and related advice at Free Flow Studio for the last two years and in the new season I would like to encourage all dancers to contact me if necessary.

I am a nurse by profession and graduated from medical school in January 2017. The knowledge is still up-to-date, and continuous training by the workplace gives me the courage to act in the most urgent moments and at the same time be able to empathize with both the injured person and his or her loved one.

Recent years have shown that the most common injuries have been concussions, twists and abrasions, and these have been gratifyingly few. My job as a first aid provider is to make sure that for each injury, the necessary equipment is available for the initial handling of the injury: communication, wound cleansing and protective equipment, cold bags, fixation equipment, etc .; instructions for the coach to remember in the event of an accident and my contact details in case I am not present and not sure if the injured place should be kept warm or cold, whether to go to the emergency department or not, if the injury should go to the family doctor immediately, etc. For all these questions, I am available both by phone and email.

I hope to give both the parent and the dancer a sense of security and safety, that in the event of an injury or accident, there is a person who can provide adequate information and assistance with further behavior.

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