Alejandro Boix

 I first started my violin music studies at the age of 12 attending the Music High School in Castellón, Spain. During those years, I received lessons from different renown violin teachers and studied with Bruno Vidal, who was also my teacher later during the Bachelor studies in Spain. 

After an exchange period, I moved to Estonia, where I continued my Bachelor studies with the Professors Mari Tampere-Bezrodny and Sigrid Kuulmann at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, graduating currently and applying for Master’s degree in Music. 

During all this years, I have attended numerous masterclasses and courses from many different teachers (Rosa Fain, Michael Gaisler, Manuel Guillen, Vasko Vassilev, Stanislav Pronin), from who I have learned different ways of working and understanding the violin. I also collaborated in different projects with orchestras and chamber ensembles both in Estonia and Spain (TIYO, UTO, collaborations with ERSO, etc) 

In my classes, the student will get to learn and improve all the necessary technique for making violin playing as natural as possible and will work on the repertoire according to the student’s own wishes, level and goals. 

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