Anna-Maria Laius

Urban contemporary / street choreo

I started young as a gymnast at the sports club Nord, when I asked my mother to take me to the gym when I was 4 years old. This beautiful sport was my first love, which gave me a solid foundation for further dance life. At the age of 12, I continued to compete, dancing both Latin and standard programs, but due to serious traumas, I had to give up both gymnastics and competition dance. After sports, I immediately started teaching and working for two years as a gymnastics coach, during which time I also completed coach training. Soon I decided to reconnect with the world of dance, this time with contemporary dance and hip-hop choreography, and soon I started teaching dance.

Today I have taught for 5 years, given workshops all over Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and unfortunately I teach in four large studios in Tallinn. I am a big fan of dance, regardless of style, and I constantly go abroad to develop myself and participate in various programs, camps and workshops.

In my own creation I like to combine different acquired knowledge, styles and qualities. Musicality, emotion and body control are definitely the main thing.

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