Daniil Volkov

fire dance

Modern firedancing is an artform, that mainly developed during the 90-s. It is a Flow-Art. Earlier examples of firedancing are from traditional and religious settings. Before modern firedancing, it was mostly seen in Polynesian and Indian cultures. Today's fire dancers take inspiration from different artforms, that mix well with the fire element like martial arts, music, photography and almost any dance style among other things. In our lessons, we try to bring out, what makes you a special firedancer. Its ok to be different. We await anyone, who is interested in fire and flow, even if you have no experience with fire or dancing at all, but if you think you have what it takes to mix your arts with fire, then come along. We emphasize on learning to spin with our tools, fire safety techniques, developing your freestyle in dance and learning choreography with fire tools. We also teach how to make your own trainingtools and fire tools and how to maintain them.

Hello, my name is Daniil. I've been dancing for 15 years and i started with break dance.  Few years later i started with hip hop, house, dancehall and jazz classes. At the same time I participated in different competitions in Estonia. Later on I started dancing and teaching in different cities, which gave me a lot of experience. Now I am dancing and working in Free Flow Studio to teach firedance.

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