elina salumäe

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My musical journey started at the age of three when my parents took me to a children’s singing group Sinilill. That’s probably when I understood that I want to spend the rest of my life with music. 

Since then I’ve been a part of Estonian Radio Children’s Choir and Estonian TV Girls’ Choir, studied classical piano and tried different genres of dancing. 

In 2020 I graduated from Georg Otsa Music College, course of pop-jazz singing. During the last years of Otsa College musical self-expression and songwriting became an important part of my journey, which has led to the birth of an electronic pop music solo project ELIN. 


Every singing lesson has a personal approach to the singer - his/her voice, genre preferences and ambitions.

The human voice is a magical instrument that develops your entire life - it’s never too late to start your own musical journey!

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