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glen-ander popovitch

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I started classical piano and music theory studies at the age of 6 under Lilian Kapp at Huvikeskus Kullo. Since I had the opportunity to study all the genres I wanted - classics, pop, rock, jazz, etc. - I went there for more than 14 years. In the last few years, I went to Georg Ots school for pop jazz piano preliminary studies, where I was taught by Hain Hõlpus. After high school, I studied ringing in Georg Otsa school, where I received 3 years of jazz theory under the guidance of Tõnu Laikre. At the same time, I started giving piano and music theory lessons to friends. After graduating from Otsa School, I went to Tallinn University's Institute of Baltic Film, Media and Arts to study integrated art, music and multimedia.

When teaching students, I think it's important to find what interests them while at the same time observing which methodology is most suitable.

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