Ignäcio Yantorno Escudero


Neuroscience and quantum physics meet the singing world. Not only do I believe the person reading this can learn how to sing, but I believe that you are here searching for this lessons and for me, for a reason. In order to understand my style of teaching you must also open your mind to the belief that your thoughts create your reality. I have developed a personal vocal technique that works at two levels, the conscious one, and the subconscious one. The conscious part of our journey is the vocalization and the singing we do, and the subconscious part. In the subconscious level, which is just as important, we train the mind to see and feel the results before they have happened. I believe that the learning process is not just merely theoretical and practical, but that the way we handle our mind and our thoughts will also be a huge factor in the end result.


I was trained for over 7 years by two excellent opera singers from the famous "Colon Theater" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mario Benneducce (bass baritone) and Martin Lira Lespes (lyric tenor) well known in their respective Colon circles have given me in those years the knowledge to teach vocal health (recovery or strengthening of the voice), perfection of pitch, expansion of the vocal register, smoothing of the voice in general and the mechanics of the throat, voice and vocal chords which ensure an excellent resonance and an unbelievable power (as opera singers tend to sing with no microphone). After many years of my personal journey within, I managed to mix my passion for the development of the mind and the self with this amazing singing/lyrical background. I believe that most of the results will come when we have the proper mentality or mindset.


I hope you are ready to open your thought box and that you are prepared for the incredible changes you are about to experience within your voice. Whatever your mind can conceive first you will receive later is what I believe, and so far in my life I have seen incredible changes with my students. I guarantee that ANYONE can sing and sing amazingly. I guarantee expanding your register both for higher and lower notes, I guarantee a fast strengthening of the vocal chords (not loosing the voice), perfection of pitch and general vocal health or recuperation (if needed). My technique is grounded on operatic technique but with an application to ANY style of music. I have taken the elements of the lyrical singing such as resistance, endurance, projection and volume (how much power the voice has) and I use them as the basis to be applied to any style you want. You will get the best of both worlds, the technical skill and strength of Pavarotti mixed with the style and sound of your favorite singer.


Hope to see you soon and I'm excited to take you to the NEXT level.

Language in class: ENG RUS EST ES

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