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urban moves / house class / contemporary


Urban Moves

This class is for people who want to develop themselves in street dance. I teach different basic street dance movements and show how to use them. I also teach self-created tasks that help develop the whole body. we get to know the weight and center of our body, balance and infinite movement. we dance everywhere, we feel the rhythm and coordination, we enjoy improvising, we work with choreography and much more.
It is important to me that the student knows the movement deeply and understands what it consists of. we look for our style and know our body. we understand what a thing is dance and what is just movement and how they are related.


This class is for people who want to develop themselves in House style. I teach house groove and basic movements and their variations. I also teach my own movements and how to create them myself. we also do assignments that contribute to house dance improvisation, as well as learn house choreographs in classes.


This lesson is for people who want to think outside of the box. It's not hip-hop, house or commercial choreo. It is also not a classical dance. It's a modern dance that I want to share with people. I share my knowledge, I teach a lot of floor techniques. I give tasks that help to get to know your body. we also do improvisation that helps to be infinite in your movement.

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