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Janela peterson

mindful body / fusion esindustiim


Music without motion feels like a partial solution for me - if you add a dance to the music, it all becomes a whole. My heart has beaten in the rhythm of dance and movement all my life - when I was a little girl, I was swirling around home with the Modern Talking's vinyl, starting from 1999. and up until the end of gymnasium I was doing rhythmic gymnastics and also few years showdance/acrobatics with a partner and track and field during that time. For today I have attended various dance trainings, received a brief basic training in ballet and practiced yoga since 2015. Since the spring of 2019, I have been giving stretching training mainly to the FFS Fusion group.

My stretching classes are meant for dancers: a warm-up and stretching combined with a hint of rhythmic gymnastics and yoga. Among other things I always point out that everyone would feel the stretch in the right place in their body and also contribute to it with their mind as well. Depending on the class and the need of the group the stretching can be more intensive or relaxing, but you can always feel after the class, how your body, muscles and joints feel free and the overall feeling is light!

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