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Laura Põldvere

Blessed with an impressive voice full of energy, uniquity and surprises, Laura has won the hearts of music lovers in many different genres, making her an awarded multi-vocalist, who has released 10 albums and over 25 solo singles. In her native Estonia, she has been especially successful in pop music, being the most played artist in the Estonian radio stations during the last decade. 

Besides being a musician she has the Master’s Degree in Cultural Development. Laura has worked in the HR field with Studio Lingua for the past 10 years giving performance training courses, coaching and leading HR processes. 

She knows a lot about performance, because she has run for the Estonian Eurovision grand prize 7 times in total, winning twice, in 2005 and 2017. Last year she was chosen amongst the 6 finalists in the Finnish Eurovision Song Competition with the song “Play”. 

Due to the experience she has the utmost empathy and know-how to help the client in various situations – giving a speech, dealing with anxiety, voice problems, connecting with people, etc. She knows how to create team synergy, when dealing with team events. 

Laura has gained her coaching training at the Co-Active Training Institute which is the world's largest coach training organization and the most rigorous and respected in the industry.

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