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Laura Põldvere

vocal training | improvisation 

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Laura Põldvere is a versatile vocalist and record label executive, having released 10 albums and over 25 solo singles. She has found her way into the hearts of listeners, being one of the most played artists on Estonian radios over the last decade. Blessed with an impressive voice full of energy, uniqueness, and surprises, Laura has won the hearts of music lovers in various genres. She is an award-winning versatile singer, particularly successful in pop music in Estonia, being the most played artist on Estonian radio stations in the last decade.


Besides being a musician, she holds a Master’s Degree in Cultural Development. Laura has been working in the HR field with Studio Lingua for the past 10 years, providing performance training courses, coaching, and leading HR processes.

She has extensive knowledge about performance, having competed for the Estonian Eurovision grand prize a total of 7 times, winning twice in 2005 and 2017. Last year, she was selected among the 6 finalists in the Finnish Eurovision Song Competition with the song "Play."

Due to her extensive experience, she possesses the utmost empathy and know-how to assist the client in various situations, such as giving a speech, managing anxiety, addressing voice problems, and fostering connections with people. Additionally, she excels in creating team synergy when handling team events.

Laura obtained her coaching training at the Co-Active Training Institute, the world's largest coach training organization, known for its rigor and high regard in the industry.

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