Liis Siitan

technical contemporary

A big part of technical contemporary classes is learning choreography. Different excersises and combinations support learning and acquiring choreography through evolving body cognition, increasing control over your movement and strenghtening your muscles. Contemporary dance, ballet and floorwork is being used in different combinations and choreographies. Important questions throughout the class are how and why something is done in order to keep ones body healthy and reach wanted goals. This class is meant for everybody who wants to know more about their body and its moving potential and also to challenge oneself.

I started dancing when I was 4 years old and so far I have been doing it consistently for 22 years. After graduating high school I started studying dance art in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and in the spring of 2016 I graduated. I spent one semester of my studies in Anton Bruckner Private University in Austria where I got a chance to improve my skills in versatile ways. I have taken classes in many different styles: contemporary, modern, ballet, hiphop, acrobatics, jazz, improvisation, contactimprovisation. I have choreographed my own performances at school and also have had a chance to dance in many performances choreographed by my fellow students. When I started dancing in Free Flow Studio I found that contemporary style suits and describes me the best. Over the past years I have been developing an individual style and I keep on doping that.

I am also part of the Free Flow representative team Fusion witch gives me opportunity to develop my knowledge and skills constantly. Thanks to this team I have gained a lot of experience and inspiration doing collaboration with famous artists and competing in different competitions including the Dance World Cup.

Dance has a very important place in my life and I wish to pass on the skills and love for dance.

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