maria mitt

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I took my first dance steps when I was 4 years old, I started doing ballroom dancing and gymnastics, which I did for a few years. I danced folk dance in primary and lower secondary school for 7 years. For a few years I also went to the School of Acrobatics and Diva Dance Studio, where I became more interested in acrobatics and contemporary style. So far, I have been dancing for 4 years in a contemporary style under various choreographers, during which I have acquired a lot of new knowledge and skills. Last year, Free Flow Studio, which became my second family, opened its doors for me. Thanks to Free Flow studio, I have been able to develop a lot, experiment with different styles, discover and offer challenges to my body, dare to be who I am and do what I love most - dance. I also belong to the studio's representative group Fusion, with whom we have performed and participated in several different projects and performances. I am a very active, cheerful, positive person and I want to share my joy and love for dance with others. I like to see how my choreography comes to life in someone else's body and how someone else interprets it with their body. Contemporary style is based on classical, jazz and contemporary dance style, which also mixes with acrobatic elements. This style gives you the opportunity to feel free. The most important thing for me in training is that children feel free to dance, find dance inside and be open to trying and trying new things. In training we get to know contemporary dance style and different choreographies, we develop flexibility and creativity and we also learn a bit of acrobatic elements. We deal with our body feeling and improvisation through various dance exercises and games. I train each child's skills and interest in exercise, helping them to get to know their bodies better. I look forward to our first class!

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