Meeri Vainola


My first dance experience was folk dance in kindergarten at a very young age, I stayed with it until the end of basic school. I found my way to Free Flow studio in 2012 at my hometown in Märjamaa. It opened up a whole new world for me. Every year I discover more and more about my body and myself and get unforgettable experiences with my lovely dance family.

I also belong to the studio's representative group Fusion, with whom we have managed to see a little bit of the world and bring home the 5th place from the Dance World Cup. Thanks to Fusion, I have been able to develop myself from very different angles and collaborate with well-known artists. It is these experiences and the people in the group that inspire me in my work as well.

In my trainings I want to offer children diversity - for a few hours we do improvisation instead of choreography, the second time we focus more on the physical and do technical and strength exercises, sometimes we incorporate a bit of acting into dance etudes.

Dance has an important place in my heart and I want to pass it on to others with the joy and brilliance.

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