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miika pihlak

street juniors ii + adults


Dancing is something I feel very passionate about and the first memories of doing it go back to the early childhood days. In addition to independent self-development, I have participated in workshops (contemporary, broadway, jazz, hip hop etc.) and I have taken lessons from various studios:
  - Free Flow - house, commercial, newstyle, ragga;
  - DanceAct - SubNine hip hop;
  - Sistina - street, jazz-funk;
  - LifeDance - street

At the moment, I am part of Utopia Entertainment and Free Flow Production, I collaborate with various artists (music videos, concerts, TV shows) and conduct workshops.
I value precision and energy the most in dance.

For me the most important things about street style are great vibe and groove. Dance is something you need to enjoy! And fully! In my choreographies I combine different street dance styles like house, popping, old school hip hop, funk etc. Also the class definitely includes muscle training and a warm-up that develops body awareness and mobility.

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