Sadu-Triste Juurikas


Sadu has danced dancehall since 2004 and has teached since 2008. She has participated in, also held several dancehall workshops and performed at various events for example Bad Jam, Bumbastik, Bashment Unblock, Blazin Beats etc. She has appeared in some music videos by Estonian and foreign artists like: Metsakutsu- “Miks mitte täna”, BandEros- “Ne zarekaisja”, BandEros- “Columbia Pictures”, Beebilõust- “Imperato”, Plookie feat. Cool D- “Boom Shak A Tak”. Sadu has won Estonian Dancehall summerqueen 2005 title.

Dancehall comes from hot Caribbean Sea country Jamaica. It’s a music genre, which now has its own moves. The dance became from Jamaican parties, where all the locals came together and started dancing out moves, they did during the day - or they just simply came to relax and had fun.

Dancehall as a dance style is very plastic, sexy and temperamental. In the class we mostly learn basic moves.

You will never get bored in a dancehall class - it's a style that is always developing itself. Everybody who likes raggae / dancehall music is most welcome to join us in the classes. You will get your body moving in  new different ways and the class will boost your energy!

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