ainult eratunnid // private classes only

Juhendaja /  teacher

About the course


The workshop proposes a space for experimentation based on tools taken from different acting methods to amplify the expressive abilities of the initiated or experienced actor. The groups are heterogeneous (different ages, expressive processes and artistic formations).


The workshop aims to improve the creative impulse and generate scenic materials from the sensitivity and poetics of the participants.

Promotes the generation of theatrical thought from the reflection on what is experienced in the classroom, enriched by ideas of artists from various artistic disciplines: Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Barba, Alexander, Meisner, Badiou and Deleuze amongst some of them trying to generate a dynamic reflection and not sedentary, a way of thinking theater open to the vital and unique experience of generating action from the game and the need for communication and expression.


The training is enriched by the opening of dance and music courses, offered at Free Flow Studio resulting twice a year in a final session performance as ensemble of three Studio’s departments (Dance-Music-Theatre).