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Agnes 'Agy' Ihoma

hip-hop | RAGGA

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Agnes Ihoma is a dance artist and coach based in Tallinn, whose work and practice are greatly inspired by street dances. Currently, she works as a dance teacher and choreographer at Free Flow Studios. She has been teaching dance since 2009.

She has had the opportunity to collaborate with various artists both as a dancer and a choreographer, including Laura Põldvere, NOËP, SVNDRA, YASMYN, Villemdrillem, 5MIINUST, TOMMY CASH, Ziggy Wild, Kerli Kõiv, Getter Jaani, Nancy, Jüri Pootsmann, SOFIA RUBINA, among others. In addition to various performances, she has been a dancer and/or choreographer in Estonian Song Contest (Eesti Laul), R2 Annual Hit (R2 aastahitt), and the New Song show (Uue Laulu saates).

Furthermore, she has developed a growing interest in performing arts since 2018, when she was a performer in Keithy Kuuspuu's bachelor's thesis production "IHA". Subsequently, she was involved in productions such as "Läbi Kukkumine" at STL 2021 and "PAUS ISTU MINE" at STL 2023.

Keywords of interest in movement include relaxation, authenticity, fluidity and breathing.

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Ragga is a dancestyle that is strongly influenced by Jamaican culture and music. Dancehall basic moves are mixed with choreographer’s personal style. Feeling and vibe is important!


The lesson is intended for young people who are interested in street dance. The aim is to get acquainted with different styles of street dance such as hiphop, house, dancehall, ragga, etc. In class, we take different styles individually and try to mix them. It is important to develop a sense of physical fitness, coordination, music and body.


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trainingS & workshops

Fair Play winter school hip-hop choreography IN POLAND: Kyle Hanagami, Lando Wilkins, Will da beast Adams, Brian Puspos; 
Popping – Salah; 
Dancehall/Ragga – Queensy, Wojtas
Husky Studios hip-hop choreography IN LONDON: Quick crew, Brain Puspos, Ian Eastwood
Juste Debout IN TALLINN: Mamson (house), Bruce Blanchard (hip-hop), Hitmaster Fish (popping)
Nordic Moves School’is IN HELSINKI: Aviance Milan (vogue), Jugson (house), Njara Rasolo (afrobeat)
DancEinstein 2015 DANCE CAMP: Katya Degtyaryova (vogue), Zigga (hip-hop, house), Raf Guseynov (house), Marek Vetik (house/ FLOOR WORK), Wave (hip-hop, popping)
Free Flow Studio Dance-Until-U-Drop SUMMER CAMPS 2010-2015: Karl Saks (CONTEMPORARY), Rene Köster (vogue), Wave (hip-hop), Janina Sarantšina (choreography),
Alice Aleksandridi (contemporary), Madleen Teetsov (house, choreography) AND MUCH MORE
Danceact workshopS IN Tallinn: Bam Martin (hip-hop choreography), Marty Kudelka (hip-hop choreography), Gustavo Vargas (latin house)

HYPER WEEKEND IN LATVIA: Niako (hip hop), Caleaf (house)

FLOWERA festival IN LATVIA: Andrey Styles (hip hop), Breakz (popping)

RIPPLE DANCE EFFECT IN ESTONIA: Jowha Van De Laak (choreo), Jordy Sparidaens (choreo)

competition (solo/duo):

competition (group):

Viljandi Bash Cypher 2015 allstyles – 1. PLACE

Viljandi Bash 2014 hip-hop duo – 1. PLACE

Viljandi Bash 2014 hip-hop soolo – 2. PLACE

Kuldne Karikas 2014 hip-hop soolo – 1. PLACE

Kuldne Karika 2014 kuldse karika mix soolo – 1. PLACE

Kuldne Karikas 2013 hip-hop soolo – 2. PLACE

Kuldne Karikas 2013 kuldse karika mix soolo – 1. PLACE

Eesti hiphop festival 2010 hip-hop soolo – 1. PLACE

Lithuanian Cup 2015 Street Dance Show – 4. PLACE

Kuldne Karikas 2015 Showtants – 4. PLACE

Kuldne Karikas 2014 Tänavatants – 3. PLACE

Lithuanian Cup 2014 Street Dance Show – 3. PLACE

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