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Jene & MJ Style grOUP performed for the Mental Health Center twice, at Christmas 2015 and in spring 2016

Liis & Technical Contemporary GROUP went for a walk with dogs in the Tallinn Animal Shelter in 2018

Grit & Girly Hiphop Junior II and Contemporary Junior I made a large bag full of food and toys as a gift for the ANIMAL SHELTER IN 2019

In 2017, Free Flow dancers visited the Donor CENTER as part of the Mind & Body series of events


You know someone whose biggest passion is dancing, singing or playing an instrument but there aren't enough resources to do that? In Free Flow Studio there's a possibility to apply for a scholarship to get a full or partial coverage for tuition - so that EVERYONE who wants could enjoy music, dance, share creation and do what they love. 



  • Students whose financial resources are limited, but are remarkably motivated and hardworking. 


  • A student (also a parent if the student is under the age of 18) fills in the application form/ motivation letter.

  • Download the form here:

  • Applications can be done year round, decisions are made in the end of the month and will be sent to the apllicants e-mail. 

NB! Sending an application doesn't yet guarantee getting a scholarship. Scholarship can be 100% or partial.

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