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Angel Casal

I am a scene artist who teaches in the field of theatre. I put in the foreground the playfulness of teaching combined with the most important things both before jumping onto the stage and entering the classroom: empathy and enjoyment which are rooted in the need for communication and expression.


I am a member of a theater group from the city of San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina since 1996, gaining experiences in the discipline of production, scenography, acting, dance and stage management.


I’m an actor who´s been developing my own particular style of acting and stage direction for more than 24 years. Over the years I’ve worked as producer, scenographer, actor, Commercial Model, assistant director, co-director and director.


Studies: Stage direction in Buenos Aires, Argentina at UNA (National University of Arts). He studied with different contemporary teachers like Jorge Córdoba - Adriana Adamavosky - Nicolas Solezzi – Adriana Barcia - Hernan Cuello / Robles Romina - Gustavo Soto - Ana Baldochi (Argentina) Dr. Suarez Marzal – (Argentina/Uruguay) Claude Bazin - Sandra Zuniga – (France) Akniht Rosalind – (USA) - Alice Aleksandridi – (Estonia).


I have been acting since I was 16 when I started my first steps as an actor and after 12 years I decided to go behind the scenes and to start my career as a theatre director - I love it! link to my website:

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