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annabel vinnal

showdance (kohila)

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Annabel's journey in dance commenced in her hometown of Kohila, where she explored various styles from wall to wall, including show dance, contemporary, folk dance, and ballet. Since childhood, she has actively participated in every Dance Celebration. Engaging in musicals within her community has also been integral to her dance journey. In 2018, she discovered contemporary training at Free Flow, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Annabel has since been a member of the representative team Fusion and has collaborated on numerous stage and TV projects with artists such as Ziggy Wild, Clicherik, Mäx, Uku Suviste, Marju Länik, Daniel Levi Viinalass, Rozell, 5miinust, and Svndra, among others.

Currently, she is pursuing higher education in choreography.

As a coach, Annabel's greatest wish is to inspire dancers to develop themselves and expand their comfort zones. To her, dance is not only about artistry but also about self-forgetfulness and self-discovery.

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Showdance is the name of this class because we don't develop just one style, because I believe that the best mover is aware of what its body can do. That's why we experiment with different dance styles, such as urban contemporary, commercial heels, hip-hop, latin, etc. A new style every few weeks.
In this class, we try to mix strong, energetic, feminine and gentle energy to give your body versatile mobility.
The routines we learn are varied and suitable for both beginners and experienced dancers.

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