wissem jalloul aka bboy diehard


Breakdancing may look like fancy moves, turning on the head or on the shoulders, but its way more than that. Its called break DANCING not only breaking so it involves music, which means it is not putting the music as a motive and pulling tricks and explosive moves. It is about knowing how to hit the beat / music while transitioning between many levels that other dances don’t have ( air tricks , floor works, Footwork’s, Power moves and Freezes). Which are ways to show the beats in a very dynamic, powerful and smooth way. Moves are requiring conditioning and technique but its more about the soul and understanding the music.

One of breakdancing class objectives is to learn the beat and to know how to react into it and then moves are merely easy to pull out. Many moves form beakdancing you can add also in to other styles. It is very important to develop your body to be able to mix movements from different styles. Addtion to breakdance we will work on the flexibility and resitsance which both are very important next to the strength. Strength, resistance and flexibility will be built up in a process of training, so if you are a beginner or don’t know anything about breakdance you can also attend class. It is suitable for boys and girls both. There are many successful BGirls in the world. When entering the class you need to have comfortable shoes and clothing. Keep you mind open and mood on a high positive level.

My name is Wissem Jalloul aka BBoy Diehard!

I am from North- Africa, Tunisia. The country of heat, sun and energy. I have been Break-dancing since year 2009. My inspiration is hard work and never giving up. Challenge is all that I am seeking. Perfection is my idol (though perfection is for God himself only, I work towards it).

Inspiring new generations of young talents is something priceless for me! Easy is not what I offer… that is why Diehard is what I have been called. What I teach is not choreographies and moves only- What I teach is how to be able to discover your hidden potential as a Dancer. I will be teaching you how to hunt, not to give You an easy pre- ready things to be eaten. Henceforth working hard and believing is what I am asking from my students because I believe that hard work beats talent.

Excuses are not my thing, You should drop them behind doors because You are entering a “battlefield” not having a “walk in the park”. Hard work we will mix with fun and will have a awesome team in awesome practice.

If You are seeking to challenge yourself and desire to witness what you are capable off, You know where to find Me!


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