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edgar rahhimov aka amory tingz revlon


avatud uksed fb event (3).png
avatud uksed fb event (3).png




amory always adhere to one thing with his performances: never let anyone remain indifferent to his appearances.

his goal is to showcase the distinctiveness, beauty and versatility of this style, including its social message and subtleties. 

Vogue is a culture created by members of the LGBTQI+ community, Black and Latinx individuals. Ballroom is an intentional space that celebrates and prioritizes LGBTQI+ people of color. amory respects the rules of the culture which beauty & ideology of celebrating self-acceptance have found him and helped him out.

avatud uksed fb event (3).png
avatud uksed fb event (3).png

In 2017, he was invited to join the first vogue house - Royal House of LaBeija (USA) - becoming its only representative

in the Baltic states with the stage name Amory LaBeija.

Since 2019, he started organising dance events in Estonia, such as vogue balls, practices, classes.

First biggest event was Tingz Ball 2022 in collaboration with talented & perspective dance festival J-Fest.

In 2020, he has joined the brightest Iconic House of Revlon (USA). in the ballroom scene he is known as Amory Revlon.


his journey in dance began in 2014 in STREET-SHOW GROUP (HIP-HOP, HOUSE, CONTEMPORARY) IN tartu. In 2015, he discovered vogue style, which he felt in love with and have been evolving ever since. After actively participating and winning various vogue balls (dance competitions) in different countries (Baltic states, France, Italy, Russia, Belarus, etc.), attending numerous COURSes by top instructors and relocating to the capital in 2018, amory embarked on his mentorship career.

a bright performer with a unique style and vision, MC/Host, dance MENTOR and organizer of dance events, vogue balls and DANCE COURSES - he is taking part in the development of vogue culture in Estonia.

Freedom for all

A safe space for all

avatud uksed fb event (3).png


vogue as a part of Ballroom culture, which was created by black and latin trans women back in Harlem, New York at the late 1960s, due to racism they faced within the white pageant scene. Ballroom is an underground subculture by and for the BIPOC LGBTQ+ community and it is a competition where participants walk different categories in beauty, sex, fashion and performance.



avatud uksed fb event (3).png
avatud uksed fb event (3).png


XMAS Tingz Practice 

HUNGR x Tingz Kiki Function & Workshops

J-Fest: Tingz Ball & Workshops 2023


Leopard Night & Workshops 

J-Fest: Tingz Ball 


BÄM Mini Vogue Ball 


Rainbow Vogue Jam with Nikita Bonchinche

Vogue Jam Session with Taisiya LaBeija 


1 place: the land of wonders Ball (prague, czech republic) – nb performance


1 PLACE: C'mon Barbie Let's Go Party Kiki Ball (Tallinn, ESTONIA) – Face OTA;

Hands Performance & Arms Control; Lip Sync OTA: Vogue Performance OTA

2 PLACE: C'mon Barbie Let's Go Party Kiki Ball (Tallinn, ESTONIA) – FF Performance;

Pot Luck Vogue

2 PLACE: Willy Wonka Kiki Ball (RiGA. LATVIA) – Arms Control


1 PLACE: The halloween ball (paris, FRANCE) – new way (AS A HOUSE); Arms Control (AS A HOUSE)

2 PLACE: The Truth of Taroth Aftermath Ball (Helsinki, FINLAND) – Hands Performance & Arms Control


1 PLACE: juicy couture kiki ball (MOSCOW, RUSSIa) – tEAM PERFORMANCE 3X3


1 PLACE: Christmas Vogue Ball (SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA) – Hands Performance

1 PLACE: Deep in Vogue Ball (Minsk, BELARUS) – Arms Control

1 PLACE: Look at Me Vogue Ball (Tallinn, ESTONIA) – Hands Performance; Arms Control; Grand Prize Hands&Arms; BQ Vogue Femme

1 PLACE: Nicol Milan Sisters Birthday Bash Ball (Tartu, ESTONIA) – Hands Performance

1 PLACE: It’s Like Home (Tallinn, ESTONIA) - All Styles

1 PLACE: Poke-Ball Kiki (RIGA, LATVIA) - Hands Performance

1 PLACE: In the Name of Fallen Warriors Kiki Ball (Vilnius, LITHUANIA) - Lip Sync Performance; 3 Way as a Team

2 PLACE: Deep in Vogue Ball (Minsk, BELARUS) – Hands Performance; BQ Vogue Femme

2 PLACE: The Great Aftermath Ball (SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA) – Master of Elements

3 PLACE: Kuldne Karikas Finaal 2019 (Tartu, ESTONIA) - Tänavatants Show Adults "Kantipati" 



1 PLACE: Gods of Olympus Vogue Mini Ball (Riga, LATVIA) - Vogue Femme

1 PLACE: The Great Ball (SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA) – Hands Performance&Arms Control

2 PLACE: Deep in Vogue Ball (Minsk, BELARUS): European Runway; BQ Vogue Femme



1 PLACE: Look At Me Vogue Ball (Tartu, ESTONIA) - Hands Performance&Arms Control;

Vogue Femme;

1 PLACE: The Scandalous Ball (MILAN, ITALY): Arms Control;

1 PLACE: Tim Burton Vogue Ball (Tallinn, ESTONIA) - Hands Performance; Vogue Against The Music

2 PLACE: Tim Burton Vogue Ball (Tallinn, ESTONIA) - Arms Control

2 PLACE: Kuldne Karikas 2017 (TARTU, ESTONIA) - Street Performance Solo



1 PLACE: Kuldne Karikas Spotlight Challenge (Tallinn, ESTONIA) - Street Performance Solo

2 PLACE: WADF North European Championships (Tallinn, ESTONIA) - Street Dance Fusion Show; Youth/Adults Large Teams

2 PLACE: USF Unity Street Fest 2016 (Tallinn, ESTONIA) - Vogue Performance


amory has been invited in various music/dancing/acting projects


  • KOLM JÕULUHINGET by Free Flow Studio

  • VEENUS.ME by Rene Kõster

music video:

  • Sofia Rubina - BE GOOD

  • Marry Me, Joseph - NO GOOD

  • Tove Lo - 2 DIE 4 


  • Afrodita - Don't let me go


  • Laura Põldvere - We Love 90s 2023

  • Laura Põldvere - LILLED JÄÄVADKI SULLE (Live Uus Laul 2023 final)

  • Nika - Knock Knock (Live Eesti Laul 2018 final)

FILM & advertising:

  • TELIA Eesti - Oskus on kingitus (2023)

  • Firebird (2021)

  • Tenet (2020)

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