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Eghert-Sören Nõmm


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Eghert-Sören Nõmm has been on stage since he was 5 years old. He has already won the title of World Junior Champion at the World Performing Arts Championships in Hollywood in 2002.

Today, he has a lot of different titles, wins, medals and trophies from many competitions in different countries. Now she shares his skills as a trainer with all those young people who wholeheartedly want to learn to dance.

Eghert has represented Estonia as the dancer of Getter Jaani at Eurovision, as the dancer of the most popular TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”, he is also the choreographer and one of the dancers of the world-famous Estonian artist Kerli.

Eghert has also participated in the Ukrainian version of the world's largest dancers' TV project "So You Think You Can Dance" in the Ukrainian version "Tancujut Vsje" and reached the TOP 15.

This is a hot jazz class peppered with street, funk, and hip-hop. Students should have a basic understanding of the jazz technique. The warm-up is designed to strengthen the students ability to adopt jazz and funk movement.

2019 Jazzfunk group with Eghert won II place at Best Show competition in Riga.

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