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eva-maria uvarova

contemporary freestyle


Hi, my name is Eva-Maria!


Since my childhood, the world of dance has been around me and it has become such a big part of my life that life without dancing seems impossible for me. My dance journey began at the age of 2,5 years and has not ended until now.

 The most important stage in my life and my dance career is ballroom dance. I participated and won many competitions in Estonia and abroad.  I also have a great desire to help other people in their development, and thanks to this, I have been working as a children's ballroom dance coach for 6 years. The ballroom dance gave me a base, knowledge and my own signature.


I began to study contemporary by my own and in the Free Flow studio, in addition, I went to various classes with trainers from Estonia and abroad. I could call my contemporary style "non-standard" and very versatile. Sometimes my contemporary can be very emotional, slow, graceful, and sometimes a fast and powerful composition appears.


In freestyle lessons we will learn "different" contemporary, technique, elements, musicality, of course we learn to improvise alone and in couple and many-many other interesting things! But the most important thing is that each dancer finds exactly his signature...

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