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eva-maria uvarova

contemporary freestyle / experimental contemporary / latin femme / contemporary mudilased / peotants mudilased


Hi, my name is Eva-Maria!


Since my childhood, the world of dance has been around me and it has become such a big part of my life that life without dancing seems impossible for me. My dance journey began at the age of 2,5 years and has not ended until now.

 The most important stage in my life and my dance career is ballroom dance. I participated and won many competitions in Estonia and abroad.  I also have a great desire to help other people in their development, and thanks to this, I have been working as a children's ballroom dance coach for 6 years. The ballroom dance gave me a base, knowledge and my own signature.


I began to study contemporary by my own and in the Free Flow studio, in addition, I went to various classes with trainers from Estonia and abroad. I could call my contemporary style "non-standard" and very versatile. Sometimes my contemporary can be very emotional, slow, graceful, and sometimes a fast and powerful composition appears.


In freestyle lessons we will learn "different" contemporary, technique, elements, musicality, of course we learn to improvise alone and in couple and many-many other interesting things! But the most important thing is that each dancer finds exactly his signature...

Contemporary freestyle

experimental contemporary

latin femme

It is very important to me that the students develop as a dancer and as a person. For this purpose, the atmosphere in freestyle classes is as relaxed and safe as possible, so that every person feels free in the class and is ready to leave the comfort zone with my help. In freestyle lessons, we learn to improvise alone and with a partner. We use different tasks suitable for every level to understand how your body wants to dance and what emotions you want to show people. In addition, we learn "different" contemporary, technique, elements, musicality and many, many other interesting things!
But the most important thing is that each dancer finds exactly his signature…
Contemporary freestyle classes are for ages 14+

Experimentation lives in all creativity, and the creative process often takes you where you haven't been before. I look forward to the class for everyone who does not like restrictions and who wants more freedom, because in the class we try many new things and we will look for new forms and movements together. The main style is contemporary, but I also add movements from other directions and styles. (for example hip-hop, vogue)
I believe we have to discover new possibilities and show them to people!

Latin dances are very feminine, technical and strongly develop the body. Latin dances are, for example: samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, paso doble, jive, as well as salsa, bachata. Since each dance in Latin dances is special, with its own technique and history, during the  season we will get to know each dance in turn and we will do a show choreography  for performances . I spend a lot of time on proper technique, and for that we use a lot of different tasks and choreographies. After the training, the information is full, there is fatigue, joy and the desire to develop further!

contemporary toddlers

ballroom toddlers

It is important for me to be a part of children's development and help them develop their body and soul.
Classes for toddlers have a wide range of content, so creating a strong base and developing the right technique is an important part of this age, so that in the future the dancing career will be safe and interesting!
For the sake of a comfortable development environment, our classes are conducted in a playful manner, we also pay attention to the development of rhythm, coordination, physical endurance and use group cognition exercises. Toddler classes are for ages up to 9 years old.

The class is built on teaching the basic steps of Standard and Latin-American dances with the addition of modern choreography. 
The main goal for children is correct posture, increasing physical endurance and the desire to develop in spite of the difficulties. Development is very hard work, and in order to make it more comfortable for children to develop and acquire new skills, there will also be dances and movements in the game form in the lesson. Toddler classes are for ages up to 9 years old.

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