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grit tarvis

contemporary junior I 
girly hip-hop advanced & open

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The love for dance has grown so great that i can no longer imagine life without it. Dance is like the air I breathe and something that makes me feel completely free and alive.

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Dance entered her life when she was about 7 years old. Grit began her dance journey in her hometown of Rapla and has continued it here at Free Flow Studios since 2014. She has been exposed to a wide variety of styles: contemporary, show dance, hip-hop, girly, heels, jazz funk, dancehall, acrobatics, and more. She still attends various dance classes both in our studio and elsewhere as a dancer herself, constantly seeking opportunities to further develop and learn as both a person and a dancer.

Grit has collaborated with many different artists: Kerli, 5MIINUST, villemdrillem, Stefan, Pluuto, Andrei Zevakin, Getter Jaani, Jüri Pootsmann, Daniel Levi, Nancy, Laura Prits, IVI, Laura Põldvere, Gerli Padar, Tuuli Rand, Siim Koppel, Triin Niitoja, Merlyn, Maia Vahtramäe, and many others. She has also had excellent opportunities to dance in various television projects such as Eesti Laul, Eesti Otsib Superstaari, Eesti Muusikaauhinnad, R2 Aastahitt, Su Nägu Kõlab Varsti Tuttavalt, etc. Grit is also a member and dancer of the Free Flow Studio Fusion Production and Danceact Empire Show production groups.

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contemporary junior i

girly hip-hop

CONTEMPORARY EMOTION class is focused on getting your emotions out while moving freely in space. It’s good for every level dancer – beginner, when you want to learn more about contemporary but also for advanced dancer, if you want to discover new sides of youself. Music is mostly lyrical.

Girly Hiphop is for everyone who wants to enjoy powerful energy and vibes from the dance class! We learn various choreographies in street dance styles, train muscles and endurance, experiment with different characters and most importantly - we have fun! We train for ourselves, performances, competitions and dance videos.

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avatud uksed fb event (3).png


AWARDS with my own choreography


  • Kuldne Karikas 
    I koht / Contemporary and Creative Dance Noored I 2023
    II koht / Street Fusion Noored II 2023
    4. koht / Creative Dance Noored II 2023 
    7.-8. koht Show Dance Noored II 2023 (koos Keily Sengbuschiga)
    I koht + Grand Prix / Contemporary Noored II 2022 (koos Keily Sengbuschiga)
    4. koht / Hiphop Noored II 2022

         I koht / Jazz Duo Perfomance Adults 2015​ 

  • J-Fest -

         II koht / Contemporary Adults 2023 

  • European Cup - 
    II koht / Show of Street Dance Adults Small Team 2022

         4.koht / Contemporary Juniors Big Team 2022 (koos Keily Sengbuschiga)

  • Best Show - 
    II koht / Experimental Formation Youth 2022 (koos Keily Sengbuschiga)

  • Super Show -
    I koht / Modern Dance Nomination Group Youth 2022 
    II koht / Contemporary Dance Nomination Youth Category (koos Keily Sengbuschiga)

  • Lithuanian Cup -
    I koht / Show of Street Dance Big Teams Juniors 2021
    4. koht / Contemporary Big Teams Juniors 2021 (koos Keily Sengbuschiga)

  • Spotlight Challenge -
    7. koht / Kuldse Marika Mix Adults 2022
    III koht / Contemporary Solo Adults 2018
    6. koht / Kuldse Karika Mix Adults 2017

  • KULdne Karikas - 

        II koht / Character and Show Dance Adults 2022

        II koht / Tänavatants Adults 2023

        III koht  / Contemporary Formation Adults 2018

        III koht / Show Dance Formations Adults 2016

  • Spotlight Challenge -
    II koht / Contemporary Small Group Adults 2018

  • TRT Dance Masters -
    I koht / Street Dance Show Teams Adults 2021

  • ​Lithuanian Cup -
    III koht / Contemporary Small Teams 12 & older 2021

  • Dance World Cup -
    6. koht / Show and Jazz Formations Adults 2018
    11. koht / Contemporary and Modern Formations Adults 2018
    9. koht / Contemporary and Modern Formations Adults 2016
    10. koht / Contemporary and Modern Formations Adults 2016
    15. koht / Show and Jazz Formations Adults 2016

  • Best Show -
    II koht / Fusion Formations Adults, PRO category 2018

  • International Dance Championships Lithuanian Cup -
    ​I koht / Contemporary Formations Adults Winter Cup 2018
    II koht / Show Formations Adults Winter Cup 2018
    ​I koht / Street Show Formations Adults Winter Cup 2016

  • We Love to Dance -
    I koht / Contemporary Formation Adults 2016

  • Street Art Championship -
    II koht / Free Dance Formation Adults 2016
    III koht Street Show Small Group Adults 2016

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