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In 2018, Inger's life was touched by the ukulele when she met her first producer, Karl-Ander Reismann. Thanks to him, Inger developed an interest in the ukulele. In the same year, they co-wrote the song "Coming Home," which introduced the ukulele to a broader audience. With this song, Inger participated in the Estonian Song Contest (Eesti Laul) in 2019, where she reached the finals and secured the 6th position.

Inger emphasizes the student's contribution in her classes. Consistency is crucial in learning an instrument, much like in any other field of study. It's a delightful process. For Inger, your well-being is important, and she wants you to enjoy playing the instrument. In her classes, you can learn both theory and practice hand in hand. It is essential to determine your goal in learning this instrument, and based on that, Inger can establish a schedule. She is supportive and helpful, finding opportunities for you to perform, create your own compositions, and feel comfortable in these processes.

Inger is inspired by everything around her in music; she likes to say, "I breathe it like air." Similarly, she aims to inspire you to find your connection to music and, at the moment, to the ukulele.

Inger's musical journey has been ongoing since 2017. She is motivated by the desire to reach even more international stages someday. With such big dreams and thoughts, she wants to infect and motivate you to work towards and move in the same direction.

Throughout Inger's career, she has had many role models. The first person who inspired her was Ed Sheeran. Now, others, such as Harry Styles, The 1975, and Coldplay, serve as examples.

Inger's greatest passion is being an artist and sharing her creations with people, both solo and in a duo or band setting.

avatud uksed fb event (3).png

The most memorable concerts

youth bands competition 2017

Estonian song 2019

Estonian song 2020

Estonian song 2023

Instikurmu festival

Võnge festival

Treski Festival

Tallinn Music Week

2019. MUSEXPO, los angeles
2019. the netherlands, Westernpop Festival
2019. Chengdu International Sisters Cities Youth Music Festival, china
2019. German Songwriting Awards final, ii place         
2020. Sofarsound, latvia
2022. Norden Festival, germany

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