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hip-hop freestyle | house

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I am Iris, a temperamental dancer from Estonia, but my roots also extend to Belarus and Poland. Since childhood I have been very mobile and dancing has been my great passion. I have tried many different styles, starting with folk- and show dance and now staying true to street dance, where the main styles are hip hop and house, but I have a lot of knowledge of styles like litefeet, chicago footwork, locking, popping, dancehall. My strength as a dancer is versatility, being a freestyle dancer as well as a choreographer. 


My goal as a coach is to inspire other young people to see their full potential, to teach versatility, discipline and dream big and to pursue big dreams regardless of their background or other challenges they face.

In addition to my dancing skills, I have also performed as a freelance actor in several large theaters, such as Alexela Kontserdimaja, Teater Vanemuine, Estonian Drama Theater and Teater NO99. Acting has taught me skills to overcome my fears and express myself, which has been very useful in dance since I was little. In the dance world, I have also been able to collaborate on various events with such artists as Daniel Levi, Nublu, Gameboy Tetris, Cartoon etc. In addition, I have participated in several dance events, both in Estonia and abroad, and achieved outstanding results.
2019 - 2022 I gave street dance classes  in South Estonia, until I went abroad for a year to improve myself even more in street dance under the pioneers and great dancers around the world in Flow Dance Academy (FRA).

I think that everything that life offers should be accepted

avatud uksed fb event (3).png
avatud uksed fb event (3).png

hip-hop freestyle


Hip Hop freestyle class is a dynamic dance class, where you can freely express your creativity and individuality through movement. This class offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of hip-hop style and develop your improvisational skills.

In training, I guide both individually and in groups through various dance techniques and combinations that help develop a sense of rhythm, body control and find your own unique style. We learn to dance to different music styles and rhythms, we talk about the philosophy of dance, and we build a foundation for each dance, on which you can develop further as you wish.
The hip-hop freestyle class is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive, where everyone feels comfortable and dares to express themselves.


House is an energetic and rhythmic dance style that was developed in the 1980s in Chicago and New York. This style combines afro, jazz, disco and latin influences and also finds elements from capoeira, tap and break dances.

In house class you can learn the basics of style, techniques and combinations of movement patterns. It combines the history of house dance and its most important elements such as footwork, jacking, and lofting.

House is a dance style that is gaining more and more popularity and recognition these days and has also influenced other dance styles. Classes include warm-up exercises, technique exercises, choreography, improvisation, as well as history and theory, so that the dancer can fully immerse himself in the world of house dance style.

House dance lessons are open to all levels, regardless of previous dance experience. House dance helps you release your creativity, improve body mobility and feel confident on the dance floor.

"Let your steps tell your story." - Each house dancer creates his own unique story through dance steps and movement. Allow yourself to discover and express yourself by dancing.


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