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Keily Sengbusch

contemporary junior II / contemporary junior advanced


Contemporary junior II classes are for everyone in the age of 13-16. In classes we’ll enjoy dance, learn about ourselves on a physical and mental level. We’ll see what our bodies are capable of and try to discover different angles of movement.  We’ll learn choreography and improvise sometimes.

See you in class! 


I have been dancing since i was born. i have been to several different studios and engaged in different styles such as contemporary, ballroom, acrobatics and street and show dance.


I have participated as a dancer in various TV productions such as "Eesti laul", "su nägu kõlab varsti tuttavalt" and "eesti otsib superstaari". I have collaborated with many different artists such as 5MIINUST, Villemdrillem, Nancy, Laura Põldvere, Uku Suviste, Sissi Nylia Benita, Daniel Levi Viinalass, Gerli Padar, Astra, Maia Vahtramäe, Siim Koppel, Cityflash ft. Laura Ly, Desiree, etc.


I found my way to Free Flow Studio in 2015. I also dance in the Fusion team of our studio and previously in the Junior Advanced youth group.I believe that there is something special hidden in everyone and together we will find it!


more info about me:

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