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hip-hop advanced

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Hi, my name is Keity!

I started my dance journey in 2007, with competitive dance. After five years of intensive training and competitions, I decided in favor of more creative dances, and in 2013 I joined Free Flow Studio for various group trainings. Today I focus on my own individual development and I dance and train mainly in solo or battle format - although I have not forgotten the pleasure of choreography.

In recent years, I have had the honor of participating in a large number of international competitions and workshops where self-transcendence is guaranteed. i like when classes are challenging for me, because I personally like to test myself.

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During the last years, I have had the honor to take part in many international competitions and workshops, where self-surpassing is guaranteed. Of the exercises, I prefer the ones where I can't do it, because I personally like to challenge myself.

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Junior Advance training focuses on: strong physical training, basic hip-hop knowledge, theory, dance history and the dancer's individual development. We deal with freestyle (improvisation) as well as choreography. The goal is also to represent the studio in both competitions and performances.


We wait to our classes juniors who are ready to train as a united team and step out of their comfort zone.



trainingS & workshops

avatud uksed fb event (3).png
avatud uksed fb event (3).png
  • Kieran Warner/ UK

  • Majid/ NLD

  • Regi Hybride/ Criminalz Crew/ FRA

  • Deyvron/ Criminalz Crew/ FRA

  • Jade Hackett/ UK

  • Paradox/ NLD

  • Icee/ FRA

  • Alex The cage/ BEL


  • Studio 68 London/ UK

  • North European Championships 2019- I koht (adults solo hiphop)

  • TRT Dance Masters 2019- I koht (urban solo freestyle)

  • Lahti dancebattle 2019- I koht (1vs1 hiphop)

  • Männi Jam dancebattle 2018- I koht (1vs1 hiphop)

  • European Championships 2018- I koht (junior solo hiphop)

  • North European Championships 2018- I koht (junior solo hiphop)

  • J-Fest 2020- II koht (adult improvisation performance category)

  • Jurmala dancebattle 2019 - II koht (3vs3 adult allstyles)

  • European championships 2019- II koht (adult solo hiphop)

  • Battle of Estonia 2019- II koht (1vs1 hiphop)

  • Estonian Streetdance Championchips 2018- II koht (1vs1 adult hiphop)

  • Battle of Estonia 2018- II koht (1vs1 hiphop)

  • European Cup 2022 - I koht (1vs1 contemporary battle)

  • J-FEST 2022 - HH Advance grupp ll koht

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