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Iris is a KPOP adults FUN and adults DETAIL coach. Dancing, performing, and music have been part of her life since childhood. Iris attended Nõmme Music School for nine years to learn to play the piano, which has strongly supported her dancing endeavors. Exploring the dance world, she has tried various styles, including Vogue, ballet, hip-hop, and since 2019, KPOP. Iris is a member of the studio's KPOP representation group called LoVe2 Dance Crew, since its inception.

Iris welcomes KPOP enthusiasts of all ages to join her in Monday and Wednesday evening classes, where everyone can share their enthusiasm for this exciting and colorful world of dance and music!

She has completed the supplementary training program for dance teachers organized by the Estonian Dance Education Association.

Iris won 3rd place in the solo category at the Crazy-K-Christmas KPOP festival and 2nd place in the duo category a year later at the Crazy-K Festival with Mirjam.

For two years, she collaborated with Julija and the Embassy of South Korea to organize a successful KPOP festival at the Kaja Cultural Center.

She has maintained ongoing collaboration with the Anixi store and the Korean Cultural Club at the Tallinn Central Library to conduct KPOP dance workshops.

Iris has participated in masterclasses by top Korean choreographers such as Centimeter and Jay Kim.

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mirjam leesalu

Mirjam has studied at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EMTA) in Tallinn, and at the joint program for music teachers at the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM) of Tallinn University. Currently, she continues her studies at the Tallinn Music and Ballet School (MuBa), focusing on singing.

Mirjam has been involved in dancing since the age of eight. She danced for four years in competitive dance at the Maarja club, participated in the baroque dance classes and folk dance sessions of the legendary dance teacher Virve Kurbel, and spent three years at the Kpop Free Flow Studios. In the past year, she has also tried contemporary and jazz dance. Additionally, Mirjam has taken part in masterclasses by top Korean choreographers such as Centimeter and Jay Kim.

Mirjam is a member of the Kpop studio's representative group called LoVe2 Dance Crew. She has participated in Kpop competitions both as part of a group and as a soloist, enjoying creating performances where she can sing and dance simultaneously.



Julija has been dancing for approximately 20 years. She began her dance journey in the Flamenco style, which she pursued for 16 years. However, since 2019, she has immersed herself in the world of K-Pop. Her love for this style was sparked when she accidentally came across BTS's "Blood, Sweat and Tears" music video. Julija is drawn to K-Pop not only for the style itself but also for the positive impact of the music, which always lifts her spirits.

Although Julija started as a K-Pop student, she has been a dance coach and the leader of the LoVe2 Dance Crew since 2020. Together with her group, they have recorded several cover videos, which can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

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Julija has participated in various K-Pop competitions, both in group and solo performances, in Estonia, Latvia and Finland.

With her group, they received a special prize for the "Most Energetic Performance" category at the J-Zone festival.

She has also taken part in workshops by South Korean dancer and choreographer Jay Kim.

Together with Iris Peremees, they organized the Tallinn K-Pop Festival for two consecutive years.

Julija has served as a jury member for the Anixeon anime and K-Pop festival, as well as the Crazy K festival.


Performance has always been an integral part of my life, initially in theater acting and now in dancing. For me, dance is above all a passion, the ability to live a whole life in a few minutes, and the opportunity to make music visible.

The world of K-pop opened up for me with Blackpink's song "Boombayah," which inspired me to dance K-pop and changed my life for the better. K-pop classes are a fantastic opportunity to meet people with whom you can share your interests and perform together!

I believe that in teaching dance, the most important thing is to help students enjoy dancing and not worry about how they look while dancing. In addition to K-pop, I also dance styles like Hip-Hop, High Heels, and traditional Georgian dances.


But what is K-pop anyway?

K-pop (short for Korean pop) is a popular music genre from South Korea. Kpop, formerly known as Gayo (가요), started in the 90s, but became popular in 2000. K-pop is "popular music" in South Korea, the term is also often used in a narrower sense to describe a modern form of South Korean pop influenced by styles and genres from around the world, such as experimental, rock, jazz, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae , electronic dance, folk, country, classical and traditional Korean music. K-pop style is actually a broad style that varies from feminine movement to vigorous choreography. Our goal is to create a positive and free atmosphere in the class, where we can share the joy of Korean music and dance. We can try different choreographies, go to performances and competitions.

k-pop junior


juniors & adults

k-pop advanced

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Training for our youngest, everyone who is under 14 and wants to learn KPOP choreography together!

Two-hour kpop workout, where we welcome all older kpop fans, there is no upper age limit! We learn full-length versions of kpop shows, as well as challenge versions, where only a smaller part of the song is involved, such as the chorus. We welcome everyone who wants to learn and enjoy kpop dances together in a fun and free environment!

K-Pop Junior Advanced is a three-hour training session where advanced young dancers can learn full-length routines, each dancer having their own role. Movements are learned independently from videos, and the group training time is dedicated to developing dance technique and putting together choreography. The group's goal is to participate in competitions and performances, and joining the group typically involves auditions.

k-pop fun

k-pop detail

A mixed age group for all ages 14+ and older. In this training we plan to learn a new kpop dance challenge each week so the tempo of our trainings is faster with switching choreos and more focused on having fun, filming clips for our enjoyment if we wish to do so!

Training for all students who want to learn a dance choreo fully and with a slower speed with lots of repetition. In this training we also give positions for all choreos we learn and overall we are more focused on details and dancing the choreo very well. We may do exercises and workouts from time to time as well to enhance our dancing skills! This is a mixed age group for all ages 14+years and older! 

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