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commercial heels

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Commercial street is a style based on the basics of hiphop and the commercial side, which also includes styles such as Vogue, Jazzfunk, Dancehall, Twerk etc.

In this class we will learn different dance routines, build some muscle, and try to feel the emotions we get through dancing.

The main goal is to feel relaxed, boost your confidence and bring out your inner DIVA. If you feel like you need a challenge - bring your heels :)

Dance came into my life when I was in Kindergarten. I am pretty sure that there has not been a day since, where I haven’t been dancing. I usually dance hiphop but also know styles such as dancehall, folk and show dance, twerk and Go-Go. 2014 was the year I came to Free Flow Studio and to this day I have not missed a single year. I have collaborated with artists like Laura-Ly ft Cityflash, 5MIINUST and raha.pesu.karud. I believe that dancing is more than just choreography. It is a good way to express our feelings and emotions. Let’s heal through the music and the movement.

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