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contemporary (LAULASMAA)

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avatud uksed fb event (3).png

Merilin has been dancing her whole life. Before discovering contemporary dance, she participated in ballroom dancing, show dancing, and hip-hop classes. She joined Free Flow Studio in 2013, where her main style became contemporary. Merilin has been actively involved in the Contemporary Fusion selection group for years, representing Estonia at the World Championships. She has participated in various projects, such as performances at the Estonian Song Festival and Estonian Music Awards shows.

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The contemporary dance training taking place in the Laulasmaa School auditorium helps young people explore the world of dance, develop their creative side, and increase body awareness. The training focuses on the fundamentals of dance while also improving physical fitness and coordination through diverse exercises that encourage self-expression and creativity. The sessions include warm-up exercises, stretches, strength exercises, and fun games. In addition, we hold small competitions and practice basic acrobatic elements to develop physical strength, flexibility, and balance. Throughout all of this, we create a fun and friendly atmosphere that encourages students to combine physical activity with artistic expression and to make new friends who share their love of dance.

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