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Years of experience on stage (Genka, 5 Miniust, Rasmus Rändvee, YASMYN, etc.), in the studio and teaching (incl. leading a 10-year hobby group at Keila youth centre)

Learning with a personal approach

Each person has a different sense of rhythm, taste in music, coordination and many other factors. The road to the drums is a different and personal experience for each person. We start with the simplest basics (names of things, placement and hitting), try to find individual strengths (good sense of rhythm or coordination, etc.) and bring them out.

drum lesson in audio

drum lesson in video

Don't like outlines or don't trust your memory?It is possible to record the lesson on site with high-quality video and audio.Especially suitable for those who want to practice the recording process, make a demo of their song, want to analyze their parts before going to the studio, etc.

The lessons are creative, playing along with the songs, we record and analyze together.

Especially suitable for beginners and advanced players looking for a confident creative playing style. Also suitable for first recordings for beginner drummers - we can choose a song to your taste and play along to it. Or if you are going to record and you need a thorough analysis, recording, etc. preliminary work somewhere before.

In class, we focus on your special features!

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