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fire dance

daniil volkov

Hello, I’m Daniil. I have been dancing for 15 years and I started with breakdancing. A few years later I started trainings in hip hop, house, dancehall and jazz. At the same time, I was competing and performing around Estonia. Later I worked as a dancer and teacher in different cities. At the moment I dance, work as a choreographer and teach fire dance at the Free Flow Studio and participate as a judge in various fire dance competitions.


ETAL FAWCUP 2022 – 1 st place in group category
ETAL FAWCUP 2018 – 1 st place in improvisation category
ETAL FAWCUP 2018 – 1 st place in improvisation category
MAY FIRE FEST 2019 – 1 st place in solo category
MAY FIRE FEST 2018 – 1 st place in solo category, 1 st place in group category

Firedance is an artform, that evolved into it's modern form at around the end of last century. It's a flow art. Earlier examples of firedanceing can be seen in Polynesioan and Indian culture. In the past, fire was performed with in either traditional scenes or in religeous rituals. Modern firedance is inspired by a lot of different artforms, that can be easilly mixed into a firedance performance like martial arts, music, photography and even almost every dance style.
In our calass, we try to bring out, what makes you a special fire artist. I await everyone from beginners, who have never worked with dance or fire and also those, who already have previous ecperience with fire or dance. In our lesson, we concentrate on bettering your tool handling skills, we learn about fire safety techniques, we learn to dance with fire in both freestyle and choreography. Other, than that, we also learn how to build your won fire and training tools and how to take care of them.
With firedance, it's still a somewhat dangerous field. We don't force fire onto students, who don't want to go near actual fire but just wanting it isnt enough either.

fire dance

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