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anna farafonova

femme heels (tund toimub vene keeles)


Hi , I’m Anna!


My dancing path began at the age of 13 and I started dancing professionally at the age of 17. I am a certified master of choreography (graduated from the Pedagogical University in 2020 in Ukraine). During my dance path I have mastered the following styles: Folk dance, Classical dance, Jazz, Modern, Modern dance and Heels.


My work activity:


as a dancer:

Solo participant in the performances "The Lion King", "Лісова пісня", "Maleficent" in Odessa.

Dancer of the project "Planet of Captains"

Dancer of the light show “Grand Light Show”

Rock-a-Rella dancer in Goltsman ballet

Master class organizer


as a teacher:

Teacher-tutor in the exemplary choreographic ensemble "Skazka"

Teacher of modern dance in the ensemble "Allegro"

JDdance studio teacher

Choreography teacher at the Odessa Lyceum "European"

Teacher-producer at the Artmaxfilm film school at the Odessa Film Studio.

Choreography teacher at “Edu Valem”


Studied with Tatyana Ninja, Evgeny Karyakin, Dmitry Maslennikov, Alina Kobylyak, Konstantin Tomilchenko.


Dance for me is about feeling and living.  I am sure that people who dance, feel life better, enjoy life more, love more brightly and breathe freely.


Femme Heels is part of the Heels style, which is aimed at feminine, gentle, sensual manifestation of oneself.  Femme Heels brings out the feminine energy and makes all the girls Queens.  Feelings of femininity in the classroom and after.

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