Angel Casal

Angel is a scene and artist who teaches in the field of theatre. He defines himself as having two main tools when it comes to the jump into the stage: empathy and the most important play, what is rooted in his need for the communication and expression. Worked as a teacher of the theater in the social slums areas, using the theatre with it ́s different methods as the main tool for the social integration, concluding each workshop in a final theater play with a theater assembly arising from the needs of its participants.

He is a member of a theater group from the city of San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina since 1996 to date, gaining the experience in the discipline of acting and dance.


He is an actor who´s been developing his own particular style in acting, scene direction for more than 22 years. Over the years integrating the theater group Angel worked as an actor, producer, assistant and director. 


Studied lately scene direction in Buenos Aires, Argentina at UNA (National University of Arts).


He studied with different contemporary teachers like Jorge Córdoba - Adriana Adamavosky - Nicolas Solezzi – Adriana Barcia  - Hernan Cuello / Robles Romina  - Gustavo Soto - Ana Baldochi (Argentina) Dr. Suarez Marzal – (Argentina/Uruguay) Claude Bazin - Sandra Zuniga – (France) Akniht Rosalind – (USA) - Alice Aleksandridi – Estonia.


Angel: "I have been acting since I was 16 and I have started my first steps as an actor and after 12 years I decided to go behind the scenes and so started my career as theatre director - I loved it!".

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